Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hanging tough, alone but not afraid, Iran goes on doing the best it can, against formidable odds.

Ordinarily, one ignores what her religiously impaired leaders have to say about anything: One recognizes that they're in a tight place, geopolitically speaking, and one expects usually that such constraint favors neither eloquence nor good sense.  But occasionally one of their leaders lets off a good one--like today, when Prime Minister Khameni said (I paraphrase), "The United States is a failing power, and Trump will soon be forgotten."  I agree with the first part of that statement--the United States is indeed on the decline--but I doubt that fools as egregious as Trump are that easy to forget:  Even austere, high-minded clerical statesmen are likely to remember Heliogabalas, or the perfectly silly son of Marcus Aurelius.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Philip Roth is dead...finally, at age 85

I have never read anything that Philip Roth wrote, except in excerpts of laudatory reviews of his work--and I have always found the reviews singularly unconvincing, and the excerpts repulsive: Always something about being obsessively heterosexual, East Coast Jewish, and masturbating. Was there more?  I'll have to read the obituaries to find out--if I care to.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Holy Shit!

The revelations on Twitter recently by Edward Snowden, about what tortures Bloody Gina Haspel actually did inflict on her victims are sickening/appalling/horrifying.  She needs, soon, to be be assassinated... Just kill her.
You don't bring a beast like this to trial.  You shoot it out of hand.

I would like to impress upon my irrational theist and non-atheist friends and foes that I'm as upset, perturbed and disgusted, as a rational atheist, at having to believe in a Bang that was Big as they could ever possibly be:

What the hell good is a universe that is less than infinite in all directions?  And what is all this caca about "Dark Matter" and "Dark Forces"?   Even Black Holes, if you ask me, are suspiciously like metaphysical acting-out in a cosmos which is simply refusing to grow up and act like a material reality.  The fact that I believe in such things because I have read and understand the science behind them makes them only slightly more palatable to me than, say, apparitions of Shiva or Kali-Durgha.  Behind it all, something in me is saying, "What utter horse-shit."   Join hands.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

S.Ossetia: Post-War Resurrection (RT Documentary)

So much sadness in the world of late, the top two items being: (1) the U.S.Senate's confirmation of "Bloody Gina" Haspel as head of the CIA; and (2) the frightful, unspeakable massacre of some 59 unarmed Palestinians, including 7 or 8 children, murdered in cold blood by the Israeli army.  I thought I'd stick them in here, as a sort of counterpoint to the happy, truthful news of what's happened to south Ossetia.  I might have included the truly heart-warming good news of the completion of the Kerch Strait bridge from Russia to Crimea, with the glad images of our friend Vladimir Vladimirovitch himself driving the first truck in the convoy across the 12-mile (19 kilometer) long bridge.  "God, yes!" I exclaimed when Putin annexed Crimea--as I had also, first, exclaimed when Catherine II did so.  How fucking irresponsible it was to have left Crimea in the hands of a turbulent, fascist, corrupt Ukraine; just as it would have been to have left South Ossetia and Abkhasia in the clutches of fascist, predatory Georgia. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

But so now, Dear Lesbians, that Gay Marriage Equality has been granted Legal Sanction (and with it the Right of "Gay People" (i.e., both Gay Men and Lesbians) to exist and to have sex with whichever sex they prefer--

Now perhaps we can examine some of the fundamental differences between us:  Primum factum being that sexual orientation is largely a matter of choice for women, while for men it never is.

Secundum factum being that Marriage, as such, is a peculiarly female institution (even in heterosexual unions) to which gay men (for all their natural attachment to their shield-bearers and companions in arms) are as ill-suited as would be liaisons between dogs and cats.  We must remember that there is more genetic difference between men and women of the species homo sapiens sapiens than there is between male humans and male bonobo chimpanzees.  I think I did not make this up.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

And now, the real problem with Japan--as it has been ever since the ruthless and totally unwarranted Invasion of Japan by Commodore Perry in 1853--is the Restoration of Japanese Moral Autonomy.

because that's really what Japan lost under the Meiji Restoration--and has been losing under the U.S. occupation of Japan after World War II.  Losing now especially with the U.S. refusal to grant freedom to okinawa, but in many cultural and societal norms as well.  The adoption of Western dress by the Japanese has been particularly foolish of them, degrading and unnecessary, and is now, among Japanese Millennials, undergoing a well-deserved reaction, very distinctive, nationalistic and fantastically inventive (Most young Japanese men, as I write, now use a full panoply of cosmetics).  Which reflects and does stylistic justice to the Shintoist/Buddhist Atheism which has but lately (once again) become the predominate philosophy of Japanese citizens, and which opens up in my view the long-awaited restoration of the pragmatic ethos and estheticism of the Edo Period.  Let us hope.  

And now, Dear Netflix--I know you're trying really hard NOT to be dipshit sexist heteronormative stupid--but I'm going to have to explain to you that

its being dipshit sexist heteronormative stupid is exactly why I'm not going to watch a movie that you think I should watch.  I refer to Je ne suis pas un Homme facile.  I've read the reviews.  Maybe if its director were a man--a gay man--I'd give it a chance.  But probably not, even so.

The Real War Crime for which the Nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Condign Retribution was, of course, the Japanese Military Rape of Nanking, in 1937....

There are no official records of the number of Chinese civilians murdered--babies bayoneted--by the Japanese in this protracted atrocity, which began on the 13th of December, 1937, but most best-estimates put it at something between 200 and 300 thousand--which is (I would just like to point out) the same number, more or less, as the combined civilian dead in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  So let's forget about these as the (Divine) Retribution for the bombing of Pearl Harbor--however sneaky that may have been.  What always matters in the murder of civilians is the number of civilians slain, not the sneakiness or forthrightness with which it was done.  And there ought to be, every year, public memorial demonstrations in Nanking (now, I think, NanJing), staged by the so-called government of China, and the surviving citizens of Nanking, just to show that you can't do something so horrible on so vast a scale without its being forever remembered and infinitely resented.

Friday, May 11, 2018

But thinking of Flagrant, seemingly Ineradicable, Evils--the DEA

was founded on July 1, 1973 by Richard Nixon, as I just discovered on Googling it, wondering ┬┐Why can't we just abolish it?
And that's why we could never in a million years even think of abolishing it.

Of course, come to think of it, that's not really an answer for why we can't abolish the DEA, is it?  Although it might be for those who voted for Nixon and are glad that Ford pardoned him.

Did any man, except maybe Henry VIII, using mostly Constitutional means, and motivated apparently only by sheer instinctual malice, ever do more harm to more people than Richard Nixon?

Netflix is being kind

The new Australian movie, bitterly and vehemently pro-medicinal marijuana, is refreshing and overdue.  How did Australians wind up imitating US drug enforcement for all those years?

But the real treat is The Man Who Knew Infinity, about Srinivasa Ramanujan, with the reputedly homophobic Jeremy Irons doing a wonderful job portraying the quintessentially gay G.H. Hardy, Ramanujan's sponsor and mentor at Cambridge, and with the ever-gay Stephen Fry, in a bit part at the beginning of the movie, incredibly good as a sympathetic British civil servant under the Raj. God these Brits can act!  Not to mention our eponymous hero, played with flawless verisimilitude by Dev Patel.  I think it'd break my heart if Dev Patel were gay.