Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Behind all the recent hysterical pother about Sexual Misconduct lies, unexamined,

the fundamental assumption--proper perhaps in the female of sexually dimorphic species--that all sex (except sex within the bonds of state-sanctioned monogamous marriage) is bad, harmful, wicked, degrading--so wicked in fact, that statutes of limitation of culpability cannot be held to apply to sexual transgressions (in the minds of women) any more than they do to murder. "After all," screech the fair ones, "is not sexual misconduct a kind of murder"?  Certainly, women and effeminate men, feel it to be so, in the absence of any proof that it is so, or that it it is so for men in any way comparable to what it is for women. Feeling--Had you noticed?--in this age of transsexual delusion, has completely superceded all other evidentiary proofs.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Mysterious Interstellar Object of Unknown Origin, in Shape unlike anything ever seen before (by Astronomers),

is just now hurtling through the solar system--at this point, about 200,000,000 miles from the earth--and is being examined by the Green Bank telescope In West Virginia for signs (radio signals) of alien signals.  Whatever it is, it's 400 meters long and ten times longer than it is wide, and is traveling at 196,000 mph.  Why it might emit radio signals has not been said.  Nor has any reason been given for the "artist's impression" of it as a giant turd.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

So much twaddle, so little Time...

I read today, in my this month's allotment of free New York Times articles, that Rex Tillerson (Remember him?) is accusing the Cuban government of causing or allowing "bad things to happen," accompanied by "ominous noises," to unnamed persons on the staffs of the U.S. and Canadian embassies in Havana.  What things?--None specified.  How?--almost ingenuously, Tillerson says he doesn't know; but it's their island, so the Cubans should know.  

And this, I kid you not--though somewhat de-verbified--is fuckin' news in the fuckin' New York Times.   I'm not angry, nor sad--just a wee bit nauseated, and very slightly amused.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Might I suggest...

It's quite true that the world is warming up from its latest long ice age, and soon (perhaps within a few hundred years) much of its land surface will be inundated.  Students of geology know that this is something that the earth does periodically over hundreds of thousands and millions of years. There have been ages when the earth was completely frozen over, like a giant snowball, and other ages when all the ice in both polar caps was melted and the land surface of the planet was reduced by as much as a half.  There is concern at present among all the countries of earth to halt or reverse the present warming trend, it being supposed that there is nothing to be done to preserve the open land mass from inundation by the planet's oceans if it continues.  This, if I may say so, is an unnecessarily pessimistic view of the matter.

For what if, as the water in the polar caps melts and the oceans rise, it were diverted off the planet, by immense pumps and siphons, into vast artificial satellite reservoirs, in orbit around the earth and presumably globular in form, where it might be kept safely, and perhaps used in hydroponics systems to supplement the world's food supply--until the inevitable recurrence of another ice age, and the reconstitution of the polar ice caps, will require returning it to earth?

The point being that it is the nature of the earth as we know it, over long aeons, to alternate ages of relative warmth with ages of frigidity; and rather than try to fix one narrow temperature range and try to make the earth adhere to it (which would be futile, on the evidence of several billion years of geological history), it seems to me more sensible to try to find ways to adapt to these long periods of climate fluctuation, and, with the help of modern science and technology, to attempt to moderate them.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

But of course, the recent hysteria over long-ago incidents of sexual molestation is preposterous;

nonetheless, what astonishing piggery the charges reveal.  Today yet another of the old farts (I frankly forget which one) admitted to having molested a much younger woman ten or a dozen years ago:  "I patted her on the back--and discovered that her dress was backless. Then I realized the front of her dress was open, and I stuck my hand up it, six inches above the hemline."  WHAT!?  "I remember apologizing to her at the the time, and her saying, 'Think nothing of it.  It's perfectly all right.'"  The hell she did.  The point is, the old fart in question (I wish I could remember who it was) seems never to have realized what an utterly swinish--and, I should think, embarrassing and creepy--thing it is to stick your hand up a lady's dress when you're not exactly on mutually explicitly erotic terms with her.  And yet this, I'm beginning to think, really is (or has been) the zombie-robot world of the Heterosexual Tyranny, where such things have happened, and the grossly insulted women have said, 'That's all right.  Think nothing of it.'  I really do think I'm glad I'm gay.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Denying the Holocaust?

First of all, I do not and I cannot deny the horrific cruelties, atrocities and murders of the Nazis and the Third Reich--I just don't think that "holocaust" is an especially good name for it.  For one thing, the implication of of the word "holocaust" is that it (which I think might better be called simply World War II) was visited on only one segment of humanity, the Jews.  Which it certainly was not. I think it has been calculated that, of the ten million who perished in the Nazi death camps, six million were Jews; which leaves four million assorted homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, communists, and so on; the point being that these hapless victims--an appalling number of whom were children--were just people.  And if numbers, as such, are important, then the unthinkable twenty millions of Russians who were murdered by the Nazis must have pre-eminence--and I like the stoïc dignity and brevity of the Russians' "Great War" as the name for the horrors that they endured.  And again, the Greek word "holocaust" has a peculiarly religious etymology (an offering which is wholly consumed) which, frankly, I find offensively extraneous, euphemistic and cowardly.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Exhausting day shopping with nearly unlimited funds (thanks to my insurance settlement):

I see, I think, why frivolous beings take it so seriously.  After purchase of clothes and computer gauds and musical instruments, what lies heaviest on my spirit is a pair of Italian shoes that I didn't buy because I wasn't sure they'd fit me, and the price of which ($200) was ridiculous, but which transcended mere shoeness in their perfect Italian elegance and beauty.  Anyway, I'm nearly set for Thanksgiving in Spokane--and for the next couple of years here in Honolulu.  What special fun it was  consulting with the vintner and the liquor people in Spokane; settling on a case (a case!) of the best  local Washington State Riesling ("Poet's Leap" from Walla Walla), four bottles of Taittinger's (blanc de blancs) champagne (half-price at $60 a bottle) to go with caviar for apéritifs, and one bottle of Calvados ($60) for after dinner with coffee.  Silly, silly fun.